Marrakech is undoubtedly one of the most visited cities in the world. If the city is seen as an attractive tourist town, it’s because of its history and monuments that have cultural and historial significations. Marrakech is also appreciated for its weather, which is a hot semi-arid climate : Very hot in the summer, and warm in the winter. The sun is present all year round, and the temperatures are very pleasant all year round. We realize that we could spend all day talking about how breathtakingly and beautiful is this imperial city. That’s why we decide to select 5 useful facts that you should know about Marrakech.

TOP 5 things you have to know about the red city :

  1. Taxis are available in Marrakech, you shouldn’t even worry about that. They are one of the cheapest taxi fares in the world. However, there is two types of taxis in Marrakech : « Petit Taxi » are used for short rides within town, and the driver is allowed to take a maximum of 3 passengers. Once you get in, the cab driver is supposed to switch the meter on. If he doesn’t, it’s totally your right to ask for it. Also, the taxi can pick up another passengers on the condition that they are going on the same direction as you. Then, we find the second type of taxis : « Grand Taxi ». It’s a kind of a big and old, really old mercedes. They are collective and shared taxis, usually used for short and long journeys.


  1. In general, Morocco is well known for its delicious gastronomy. Moroccan dishes are big on flavour and especially full of spices. So, don’t leave without trying it. In Marrakech, you’ll find many restaurants where you can taste different specialties from all over the world. But we suggest you to appreciate the quality and variety of Moroccan cuisine. And more precisely street food from the outside markets. Most delicious local food is also found in expensive restaurants, just in case you’re not very street food, or you prefer to experience something else. The most famous courses in Morocco are : Couscous, tagine (lamb, chicken or vegetables), harira, b’stilla, zaalouk, tangia, etc. One last thing, don’t miss Moroccan tea et sweets.


  1. You can book luxurious accommodation for cheap prices, that’s why we recommend you Riads instead of hotels. In case, you don’t know what Riad means, it’s a traditional house/palace in Marrakech that has a garden and a typical courtyard. Riads offer a unique experience, with their decorative styles, colours and dreamy oriental achitecture. Oh and the roof top terraces are magical, it’s a little piece of heaven. Riads are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a calm and peaceful place. Don’t worry, Riad also provides services during your stay such as : Yummy means, swimming pool, free wifi, airport transfer, daily housekeeping, etc. You can never tell that a closed and heavy door can hide such a beautiful interior.


  1. Partying : Contrary to what you may hear, that in Morocco people are very conservative and aren’t allowed to party. That is completely false, believe me. Marrakech is considered as the Moroccan "Las Vegas". Nightlife here is pretty wild. While you’re in Marrakech, you can find a plenty of places where you can have a few drinks and party. You’ll be able to discover many trendy places with different ambiances and music styles, as well as convivial atmospheres. So get ready for the hottest places for nightlife. Here’s a list of some of the best nightclubs in Marrakech : Famous 555 Club Marrakech, Mariinski, Theatro, So Lounge, etc.


  1. You can’t skip visiting and admiring ancient historical sites, such as : El Badii Palace, Ben Youssef Madrasa, Bahia Palace, Koutoubia Mosque, Saadians Tombs. You’ll be impressed by the story and the meaning behind every monument. Also, don’t forget to explore Jamaa El Fnaa Square, there is no place in Morocco like this Marrakech’s main attraction. Here’s a few more things to absolutely do in Marrakech : Go for a calèche ride, drink the best orange juice of your life in Jamaa El Fna, have a glass of mint tea, visit Majorelle Garden, try a hammam, visit souks etc. The list is endless !


Don’t forget to bring your camera, Marrakech is the best place where you can take perfect shots and selfies.