Each year, millions of people head to Morocco specifically Marrakech, it’s one of the most popular destinations in the World for many reasons. If you’re willing to visit the country or you’ve already booked your flight, hotel and packed your suitcases, then this paper is for you. Tripocco would like to share with you some informations, and tips that you should know before you go to Morocco.


  • Arabic is for sure the officiel language of the Kingdom, and precisely the Moroccan dialect spoken on the street. French is the second language and the most widely spoken, but you’ll hear some english in major cities, and some spanish in northern Morocco, like Tangier for instance. Morocco is a multi-lingual country. In a sentance, you’re likely to hear numerous languages.


  • Always carry some cash : Open-air markets and small shops accept only cash, and don’t take credit cards. Also, keep on mind that you should aways have some change to tip at restaurants, or for cabs for example, they don’t always have coins. We would like to reassure you that the local currency is the Moroccan Dirhams.

  • Learn how to huggle : Haggling is undoubtedly a part of the Moroccan culture. Here’s the thing in tourist hotspots : It’s all about bargaining and being smart with vendors. Never pay the asking price, because you can get the same item with -20%-30% of the starting price. If you have to deal with a strong-minded vendor, the trick is to leave. Most of them will call you back to get the idem for the price you want.


  • Fridays are holy days : Most of the shops and markets in Morocco are closed on Friday after midday. On Friday, Moroccans go to the mosquee for the prayer. Right after, families gather at home to eat Couscous. So, yes Coucous is served friday with a cup of whey. It’s a kind of tradition.


  • There’s wifi everywhere, just in case you don’t know it. And by everywhere, we mean cafés, restaurants, pubs, nightlubs, hôtels and others have Wifi available. However, sim cards are very cheap in Morocco, sometimes getting a local sim card that includes internet connection is better (and mostly cheaper) than using your own phone data.


  • Despite the fact that Morocco is a muslim country, alcohol is available. There are supermarkets where you can buy it. Hotels and bars also serve alcoholic drinks. So, if you’re wondering if you can drink alcohol in Morocco, the answer is YES. Contrary to what you’ve read on internet, Moroccans do know how to party, and are open-minded and hospitable. Marrakech remains one of the liveliest and hottest places for nightlife in Morocco.


  • Morocco is a safe and peaceful country for tourists, don’t panic ! Not all the islamic countries are the same. Rumors say that women are obliged to cover all their body from head to toe, and wear conservative clothes. Don’t believe all the stories you read. You can wear whatever you want as long as it’s acceptable and respectful.