Al Rahala Al Arab is a new competition which already started, with the aim of setting up a support program for young professionals in photography. For more information, we invite you to read our article.

What is it about ?

Al Rahala al arab is a competition of Arab travelers which aims to spotlight the cultural awareness of the Arab tourism, and the promotion of different cultures and civilizations, as well as the best touristic destinations. The latter will be represented by the participants. Al Rahala Al Arab is also an opportunity for lovers of photography, and travel and adventure professionals to demonstrate their skills and talents, and develop them afterwards.

At the end of the competition, participants will be able to win different prizes. We find :

♣13 000 $

♣ title of best photographer of the year 2017

♣ title of Arab Travelers Ambassador of the Year 2017

♣a chance to visit 5 countries from all the 5 continent.

♣ Award for best Arabic photographer. The award will be covered by 79 journalists and media to enable the winners to become famous, and internationally recognized.

On the other hand, the winner will be able to benefit from several professional training in order to complete his status as ambassador of Arab Travelers.

Al Rahala Al Arab: What You Should Know

The first edition of Al Rahala Al Arab will be held this year. To register, registration is still open until November 2017. A jury composed of experts in photography and tourism will meet to select candidates who have successfully completed the first stage. The results will be announced at the end of December 2017, and only 5 candidates will be selected from each Arab country.


We would like to inform you that the competition will be broadcast on Youtube Channel by Al Rahala Al Arab. It is through this social network that the public will be able to discover the personalities of each candidate, and to follow the course of the competition live. The final of the competition that will take place in Morocco will oppose a photographer to a videographer.

During the final elimination phase, the finalists will compete in an interactive daily program, and they will visit more than 15 Moroccan cities. These visits will aim to show the public Morocco.

Al Rahala Al Arab: Constructive Goals

Al Rahala Al Arab is a well-studied and thoughtful competition, and we can not deny that the concept is original and unique. The aim is to give Arab youngsters the opportunity to showcase their talents and, above all, to explore new cultures in order to gain insight and discover and communicate with others. Indeed, respect for cultural diversity and the importance of tolerance are two essential subjects for coexistence.

This is a real opportunity for participants to be creative on the one hand, and another for organizers to encourage them to give the best of themselves, and move forward.

In addition, Al Rahala Al Arab helps the most tourist cities where the competition will be organized to better present and boost their tourism services through the trips planned in several countries.

To register, we invite you to click on this link.