The personalized service professions have multiplied in recent years, and we can not deny that they have a good future in Morocco. Among these, we will be interested in the luxury concierge, does it speak to you? In this article, we will  introduce you to one of the best luxury concierge in Marrakech, but well before we present you this VIP concept.

What is Cosenza - Marrakech luxury concierge ?

The luxury concierge Marrakech is a company that offers personal assistance, that is to say a service to the person, but rather high-end. The role of a luxury concierge is to anticipate the needs of a wealthy and affluent clientele, therefore, one must understand its desires and needs. It is a complicated task, since the word "No" should no longer exist in the language of a private concierge. In addition, to opt for this profession, it is a real challenge where to succeed the impossible must be your motto. This concept is not at all new, it exists in Morocco since 2007, and in the United States since the 1990s.

For information purposes, there are two types of concierge, one for private individuals and, one for corporate concierge.

Luxury Concierge Marrakech : COSENZA

To put you in the bath, we will introduce you an agency that operates in the field of the concierge of Luxury Marrakech A.K.A COSENZA.

COSENZA is a luxurious concierge in Marrakech, which started its activity in 2016. It is a young Italian who is at the origin of this innovative and original project. The idea came to him when several tourists noticed a lack of activity in the ocher city. It was at this moment that the director of COSENZA decided to take them in hand and offered himself as a personal guide to enable his people to better explore Marrakech and discover the many facets of such a lively city, alive and appreciated nationally and internationally. Moreover, behind this project, there is a real history of passion for this profession, and a lot of love for Morocco.

COSENZA : Services without borders !

The main activity of COSENZA is to provide tourist services such as excursions, day and night guides, balloon or helicopter flights, as well as providing wellness and relaxation (Hammam and luxury Spa). That's not all, COSENZA also offers tailor-made services tailored to the target. The specialty of the luxury Marrakech concierge in question, is to offer exceptional VIP services, while relying on know-how, and obviously a relevant address book. Indeed, the demands are varied, and the clientele is demanding. The objective of COSENZA is to free yourself of the time by taking into account your requests, because your time is a precious matter.

The advantage of COSENZA is that it is a European operator, which has customers from all over the world, especially from the Europe of the countries of the Golf. As a result, demands diverge, and the forces of proposals and solutions are well studied and distinguished from the competition. Concretely, the suggested services are unique, and you will not fall into the routine of conventional and ordinary services. COSENZA is distinguished by other qualities such as the relationship of trust established at the first contact, which is an indispensable criterion for the private concierge. This is not all, it may seem "commercial" to you, but the main objective that overrides the others at COSENZA is the customer satisfaction, and the premium quality of the service provided, then comes the hardware side.

In COSENZA, you are sure to have an accompaniment from A to Z, and the execution of your desires even the vague ones (unless it is illegal), because the word impossible does not exist in Cosenza.