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The best restaurants of the month

Best of restaurants in casablanca : Are you looking for a restaurant in casablanca ?
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Night out in casablanca : What to do in casablanca at night ?
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amstrong casablanca


The Amstrong Club is the ideal place for people who want to indulge all night to the beat of the recognized live bands! In a boiling atmosphere and twilight lighting, live a fantasy experience that will put you on a smile. The long nights of the Armstrong Club are unique in the city and will transport you to another planet until the wee hours of the morning. The Amstrong is a place of freshness of mind where you will make unforgettable encounters for sure!

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Sky 28 casablanca

Sky 28

The Sky 28, located at the top of the Twin Center, is a place, certainly, privileged. This lounge bar on the 28th floor offers an exceptional panorama in Morocco, a real helicopter view of all Casablanca, to the Atlantic. The atmosphere is spatial, detached from time and space, dizzying. The style of the place is chic and contemporary. The gastronomic finesse reserves what is best. The atmosphere is ethereal, the sunsets are sublime and cocktails nearby. Live a unique experience, that of being suspended in the sky, at the unreachable summit of the white city.

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Next to the Casaport station is a place of fantasy where the imagination has no barrier. The Casartbar is a universe of colors, shapes and sensations. A relaxed atmosphere in a "purple sky" lighting awaits you. During the day, come and relax over a good coffee to sober up. In the evening, it is the effervescence that takes possession of places. This bar of character houses a large stage where the shows put a real and unique atmosphere in the city. Experience an exotic atmosphere in the heart of the white city.

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La Bodega casablanca

La Bodega

On se croirait en plein Sevilla. Quand on est à la Bodega, pas d'autre choix que de prendre le taureau par les cornes ! Découvrez un endroit coloré mais à forte dominance de rouge espagnol. Les Tapas raviront vos papilles autant que l'ambiance festive vous amusera ! Dans un décor aussi dense qu'original, faites l'expérience de la convivialité que crée si bien l'atmosphère espagnole. Idéal pour une soirée en ami, vous vivrez un moment inoubliable et qui comblera largement vos attentes.

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The best activities of the month

casablanca activity: Looking for an activity to do all day in casablanca ?
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Finding the best places to go out in Casablanca on the internet, it has not always been easy. The information is from various sources and unreliable. If you too, you ask yourself the questions: Where to go out in Casablanca and what to do in the largest metropolis in Morocco? join us. Tripocco has just imagined the solution to these problems by offering you a complete and free online booking guide in Casablanca. Discover a directory of addresses updated regularly, and have detailed presentations and practical information to plan your outings. Outputs are smartly classified on Tripocco, just choose a category of your preference, and then sort your results according to your budget for example, and other criteria.

The white city offers a wide choice of activities to do, good places that meet all tastes, whether to go out the day or evening. Every day, Tripocco offers a selection of suggestions in the city and its surroundings. At a glance, you will find all the good Casablanca plans that fit your desires: restaurants, nightclubs, bars & pubs, sports and recreational activities, accommodation for holidays, events, amusement parks etc. All you have to do is multiply your outings to discover all the facets of the white city.

In good weather, or on rainy days, find original outing ideas or activities you want to do with family, friends or friends. On Tripocco, there is really something to have fun and spend pleasant moments, working days of the week and especially during the weekend.

With Tripocco, what to do in Casablanca will be more than a matter of connection to your customer area on www.tripocco.com. Search! Find and book in one click.