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The best restaurants of the month

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                                                                        Mango Zen Pool & Restaurant Marrakech


Nestled in the heart of the Palm grove district between palms and luxurious homes, the Mango stands out by offering a new concept that is both refined and trendy. In the heart of lush vegetation, we propose you an Asian restaurant in a space of relax and tranquility at the edge of a sparkling swimming pool, an idyllic setting combining beauty and serenity exclusively dedicated to your well-being.

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                                                                        MOD MILANO 1933

MOD Milano 1933

The MOD Milano 1933 - Restaurant Marrakech is Inspired by a modernist artistic movement and the Triennale of Milan, this Italian restaurant is an essential address of the ocher city. Located in the heart of the chic Hivernage district, mixing three universes where Italian elegance reigns. MOD Milano 1933 - Restaurant Marrakech has a demanding, inventive and really gourmet menu; concocted by the talented Italian chef Francesco Montano.

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Ling Ling the new Hakkasan experience offers an innovative menu of cocktails, sublime small plates of traditional Cantonese dishes to share. This bar / restaurant is inspired by the concept of Izakaya, a very popular restaurant style on the Asian continent. Located in the east wing of the lobby, Ling Ling offers an indoor space and a spacious outdoor terrace with magnificent views of the hotel's olive groves and central ponds. The soundscape is provided by a resident DJ, who adds eclectic and dynamic influences to the party atmosphere.

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La Table Du Marché (Hivernage)

After conquering the old port of Saint-Tropez, the Market Table (Table du Marché) is set in the heart of the Hivernage district of Marrakech. Discover a black and white atmosphere in a classic setting that soothes the spirit. This brewery will offer you the best of French and Moroccan pastries. Briwats with tarts, all under the care of the famous chef Christophe Leroy. Enter this world of contrast and enjoy rich and light dishes like the delicious choice of sushi. Visit the many lounges where you can enjoy the sobriety of the place to relax.

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The best parties of the month

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Bar Churchill marrakech

Bar Churchill

The famous hotel La Mamounia presents Bar Churchill which will take you back in time with the old school atmosphere of the place. The ubiquitous felting, the subdued light and half absent and the panoply of cigars will plunge you into the 30s. In a British setting, a moment of prestige and elegance awaits you. Classic bar, chic clientele and truly bluffing experience are at the rendezvous. Discover a place where many great personalities have already sat. Break the routine and enjoy the authentic, exclusive and rare finesse offered by Churchill.

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Wine bar for a beer in Marrakech

Bar by Murano

The Murano Resort Bar is nestled in the serenity of the Palmeraie of Marrakech. Formally, one of the most popular addresses for nightlife, the bar serves as a party spot in the heart of the ocher city. Lovers of night-life and night owls of the red city spend evenings on a background of cozy atmosphere. From its varied menu of sparkling wine and fresh beers, you can enjoy real moments of drunkenness in a setting of perfect comfort. The Murano Resort Bar is set within the 4-star hotel which combines the red and the natural greenery of the lit landscape with dimmed nights. In couple or between friends, the martini and campari aperitifs open the occasion to the evenings animated by dinners spectacles. Cocktails from 95dhs, champagnes and soft drinks accompany succulent recipes from the Murano restaurant.

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VIP ROOM marrakech


After conquering Paris, Dubaï and Saint-Tropez, VIProom moved to Kech. It is an upscale Club Lounge frequented by the jet set from all over the world. The atmosphere is dark, mysterious and seductive. A world of lovers of Marrakech's nights who moves on the dancefloor, carried away by the rhythms of the deep house. The VIProom is an exclusive experience in a chic and fabulous setting. Located in the heart of the Hivernage, the effervescent atmosphere of the place is part of what has made the great reputation of Marrakech as a nightlife destination.

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bar restaurant lounge in Marrakech

Lotus Club

The Lotus is a glamour Club of Marrakech. Once you have passed the red carpet, you would discover an atmosphere of the thousand and one night where the imagination prevails over the real. It's the place where dreams have no limit. Music to dream, seductive lighting and festive vibes await you. The Lotus is the perfect meeting place for the nocturnal adventurers of the ocher city. You will live exceptional evenings that will remain unforgettable. Share an extraordinary experience in Marrakech !

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The best activities of the month

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Pool Lounge

Pool Lounge is the swimming pool of the sumptuous Sofitel Marrakech. At the Pool Lounge, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a day pool in a heavenly setting. The property offers day-beds for lying down, wonderful cocktails, brunches, and a catering service. The goal is to provide you with all the comforts you need to try out the Pool Lounge experience, and relax by the pools. It must be between 450 and 500 for access to the pool.

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Nikki Beach

The Nikki Beach is The Place to Be if you are looking for a festive and glamorous pool. This is a place of worship for all those who want to find the same atmosphere as Ibiza and Saint-Tropez. The Nikki Beach has a large rectangular pool in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Djs are present to liven up your day, allow you to dance and have fun. If you are hungry, know that the hotel offers an international restaurant, but also Asian dishes. Access to the trendy Nikki Beach pool for women, 300 and 350 dhs for the normal cost, a sunbed offered.

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Eden Aquapark

Eden Aquapark is a giant and lush park within the 5-star Eden Andalou. The establishment is a water park where young and old can have fun to spend a funny day. The park is a world of water and skiing, and is the ideal place for family outings. Eden AquaPark offers slides, a large park, a solarium, 5 swimming pools, a river, a beach and a snack-restaurant. It has two formulas : a simple entry at 170dhs for adults and 100 dhs for children and the second includes an entry with menu at 230dhs for adults and 150dhs for children.

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Merzouga 2 Nuits et 3 jours en Demi pension

A desire to surf on the waves of sand, a view of endless dunes? How about spending a few days in the heart of the beautiful desert cities of the kingdom? Oases, dunes, it tempts you? Merzouga management for a few days of relaxation and happiness.   Discover our majestic kingdom with Tripocco, between sea and desert, you will find several destinations in Morocco.

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Top Hotels and riads of month

Hotels and Riads Marrakech : Are you looking for a luxury hotel or a beautiful Riad in Marrakech ? Browse our selection of the best Marrakech hotels and riads classified by categories

Sofitel Palais Impérial

Sofitel Marrakech is located in the chic area of Hivernage, a few minutes walking to the old Medina. Sofitel Marrakech incarnates luxury in all its magnificence. The hotel offers you very comfortable rooms and spacious suites, a large and beautiful garden with a fantastic view over the Atlas Mountains, several swimming pools to bathe, tan and sip your cocktail, luxuriant greenery, a spa to relax, a fitness gym and restaurants which propose several culinary specialties.

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Sofitel Lounge & Spa

The Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa, is an inescapable place of the ocher city, located in the chic district of Hivernage, a few minutes from the Medina. The Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa is the epitome of French luxury in all its splendor. The hotel offers very functional and comfortable rooms; very spacious suites, and beautiful gardens with breathtaking views over the Atlas Mountains, featuring multiple pools for swimming, tanning and sipping cocktails, lush greenery in every corner, unique spa, gym and several restaurants that offer multitudes of culinary specialties.

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Adam Park Hotel & Spa

Adam Park Hotel & Spa Marrakech is a 5-star hotel located a few steps from the Agdal Gardens. The place has a splendid outdoor pool that allows you to swim in a private area, away from prying eyes, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is an opportunity to cool off and take a dip when the temperature climbs to Marrakech. You will enjoy your afternoon in a quiet and peaceful environment. Not to mention, that the hotel has several restaurants, different culinary specialties. Access fees to the hotel pool are 150dhs per person. The price includes : the entry, a towel, a lounger and a drink of your choice.

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Manzil la Tortue

Manzil la Tortue is a guest house located 15 km from Marrakech offering rooms and accommodation with its beautiful architecture of luxury tents. The place has a green setting, and a splendid view of the Atlas Mountains. There is also a sublime outdoor pool of 4 meters long in a relaxing atmosphere. Manzil invites you to spend a day swimming pool for 220dhs. This price includes: a swimming pool entry, a deck chair, a towel and a delicious lunch all week long.

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Best Spas & Wellness Centers of month

Wellness Marrakech : Are you looking for a place to relax in Marrakech ? Find on Tripocco the top of the best hairdressing salons, spas, hammams, massage cabins and esthetic centers of Marrakech

Marrakech Plaza Spa & fitness

Discover a space dedicated entirely to your well-being and relaxation, in a luxurious and unique environment in Marrakech, in the city center of Gueliz, an immense place of more than 5000m², endowed with a luxury and an incredible modernity, regrouping a large fitness room perfectly equipped with hundreds of modern machines, an upscale 250 m² spa, sumptuous, refined, and also privatized, great branded treatments, semi Olympic pool, jacuzzi, dance halls , private luxury shops and much more. The Marrakech Plaza Spa & Fitness, a temple at once modern, luxurious and selective where sport and pleasure combine wonderfully.

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A sanctuary of well-being, Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Spa is signed by the Gilles & Boissier duo, who drew their inspiration from the architecture of the Andalusian cathedrals. The entrance flooded with sun opens on a basin and its fountain, for a cool and soothing atmosphere. The ubiquitous red brick adorns walls and columns, elegantly marking the warmth of this temple of well-being: Mandarin Oriental Spa.

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SO SPA By Sofitel

This contemporary and chic haven of peace is an essential address of the ocher city. From the entrance, the magic operates. Its refined decoration and chic colors make it one of the most luxurious spas in Marrakech. Discover a new way of living the Spa with the range of treatments offered by the establishment. Relax before your treatment in the heated pool at 28 ° C "So Pool". The So Spa Marrakech invites you to release your senses, to stop time in a unique space inspired by Arab-Moorish architecture and French elegance.

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atlas golf marrakech spa

Atlas Golf Marrakech-Spa

Atlas Golf Marrakech-Spa is a haven of relaxation, relaxation, and care that is entirely at your service. Enjoy professional and dynamic service with detailed or personalized offers if you want it. Highly competent staff and state-of-the-art equipment to allow you to live the best possible experiences are with Atlas Golf Marrakech Spa.

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Do you live in Marrakech, are you there for the holidays? It's time to discover what the ocher city has to offer for you, whether it's during the day, in the early evening or in the middle of the night. If the red city is considered today as one of the best tourist destinations, it is certainly for its attractiveness and its cosmopolitan character. Travel Marrakech: a city full of contrasts and that is what makes its charm, visitors are astounded by its extraordinary geographical location: a city surrounded by snow-covered mountains with a hot and dry climate almost all year round. A sharing between the modern city with its sumptuous places like the greatest powers in the world, and the old city (Marrakech Medina), the ramparts secular. People come from the end of the world to discover the richness of the ocher city.


Marrakech is also known for its hotels worthy of the thousand and one night, of its atypical culinary art, its places of well-being, its night life with the best ambiances in the world and its different places as interesting for a marvelous one. If you are wondering: where to go out in Marrakech? What to visit in Marrakech? What type of stay Marrakech promises? We have the answer for you.Tripocco presents on this page suggestions for visits, leisure, and outings. You will find for all budgets and that correspond to all desires. Need a good restaurant for a family getaway, with friends or in love? We offer the best restaurants classified by type of cuisine and budget. Want a breathtaking activity? We offer a wide range of activities to do in Marrakech and around. Want a nice place to spend your evening? We invite you to consult the section "Evenings", you will find suggestions to consider the best places in Marrakech (bars, pubs and sky bar Marrakech).