Various activities in Agadir

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CROCOPARC Jardin botanique

CROCOPARK is a facility dedicated to crocodiles, it is located at the entrance of the city of Agadir, from the entrance of the Park you will find a huge head of crocodile with open mouth, to put you in the mood of the activity. You will discover a spectacular jungle scenery, just before being faced with crocodiles in this famous botanical garden ...

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                                        Montgoflière ciel d'afrique

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Agadir Sunrise Balloon

Agadir Sunrise Ballon specializes in hot air ballooning in Agadir, offers you one of the unique experiences on the High Atlas Mountains, and do not forget a panoramic view of the Berber villages including the valleys, mixed with the colors of the landscapes that gives you a sense of relaxation and joy.

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Agadir is at the heart of the Moroccan tradition. At the same time conservative city and opened on the world, it invites to discover what the Moroccan culture has of special through its monuments and tourist. From Moroccan gastronomy to architectural art and the way of dress of the Amazigh, the city abounds with a diversified and varied cultural ensemble. A history rich in teaching, a recent past marked by the earthquake and an opening on the globalization of cultures.

Cultural activities

City with many artistic events, Agadir is home to festivals throughout the year. Since its creation in 2014, the Timitar Festival or the great festival of Amazigh music and world music, is happening there. Every summer, the greatest musicians at the international level and the most famous Amazigh artistic troupes make an appointment. Concerts, exhibitions, visual arts, competitions, music, graphics, photography, cinema, environment and gastronomy, the city is at the center of many, Agadir is at the crossroads of major cultural activities. The cultural agenda of the city is rich that can not be concealed: Noiz Makerz concert of urban music; Breaking South National Championship (break dance); International Documentary Film Festival (FIDADOC) in November; Issni N'Ourgh Amazigh Film Festival (FINFA) in November; Cinema and Migration Festival of Agadir; International Festival of University Theater of Agadir; Concert for tolerance in November; Festival of laughter of Agadir in the image of the Marrakesh of Laughter ...

Activities kids in Agadir

How many times have you thought of offering a day of fun to your little ones? Agadir is an opportunity to enjoy the maximum possible activities and games for children. They are unanimous children, these games provide them, all, the same sensations. Although attracted by theme parks and playstation, children have several playgrounds in Agadir. Take a trip to the intriguing Croco Park (the first of its kind in Morocco) or ride the Big Wheel to end the day at Surf School, everything is ready to give the child a world of fun that he has dreamed .

You explore the water park of Lunja Village or visit the Fleexriderzs. Take a ride at Souss Park for tree climbing. Also find Morocco Racing Kart or Aglou Water Park to give more enthusiasm to your little kids.

Tripocco has selected for you the best activities and children's games best practices. Every child is a special being who hides a talent. In the field of practice, the genius of each and everyone is clearly displayed. So make your little ones travel to Agadir.

Sports and extreme activities in Agadir

A sports activity to practice in Agadir? Find on Tripocco all centers where the only motto is sport and well-being.The city with beautiful beaches has a large number of addresses for the sport. is all budgets.Gyms, sports complexes for all ages, you have the opportunity to get back in shape in Agadir.The sports clubs of the city are almost in all neighborhoods, the most posh to those said popular , fitness is one of the most popular activities on weekends and holidays, Tripocco has made the selection of the best gyms in the city: get information, book and recommend, the tool allows you to read the description The establishments.

With Tripocco, you also have the opportunity to view the authentic pictures of each place before booking. Xtreme gym, Ast agadir, fitness Xsport Agadir, fitness center, Gofit, pure sports club, Association Yassine gym, you will find in every sector of the city a place to be coached by sports professionals. At the Dakhla City, Al Houda Cite, Hay Riad Salam, Tilila, industrial district, Swiss district and the residential district, the sports centers present a diversified program. All the sports at the rendezvous, Football, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Tennis, Basketball or bodybuilding, Tripocco has found for you, the Top sports centers of Agadir.

Shopping in Agadir

Day Shopping in Agadir, you have certainly asked the question: "What's special to afford a holiday? Welcome to the city in the colors of Moroccan craftsmanship in its entirety. The beauty of the carpets, the good mix of zellige, flavored spices or Moroccan fashion, you will not end up listing the possibilities of shopping plans in Agadir.

On Tripocco, we have selected the best addresses for a ride out in search of authentic items from Morocco. At the heart of Amazigh culture, the city invites you to take a tour of the surrounding souks where products from art and crafts are available for all budgets. Taking Made In Morocco from Agadir is the easiest thing to do when you know how to do it. The souks (traditional markets) are totally different from modern markets where it is easy to place the order even online. Your visit to the souks allows you to get closer to the people of deep Morocco. Articles of sculpture, leather goods, shoe repair or henna tattoo, discover the Moroccan culture in all its beauty.

Gardens and green spaces in Agadir

The city of Agadir has a set of green areas designed for the pleasure of lovers of garden walks. On the Côte de la Côte, Oued Massa or Ait Melloul, without forgetting Talborjt, the city center and industrial district, green spaces are scattered in the city and its surroundings. You will find in Agadir, parks and gardens that give the city a fantastic image. If you want to visit these spaces, Tripocco has looked for the best. Enjoy more time by booking or browsing the descriptions of each place on the Tripocco website. For each address, we have provided you with opening and closing times, rates (if required), images, location and additional services.

Discover the Valley of Birds at the Coast where many other animals live. They are among others sheep with cuffs, monkeys magots etc ... Towards the Talborjt is established the Portuguese garden of Olhao symbol of agreement between Agadir and Olhao. Take a relaxing break in the garden of Agdal and continue the trek to Jardin Ibn Zaydoun in the heart of the city. Near the Royal Residence, improvise a visit to the South Park to continue in the lust of the garden Lalla Meryem.

Concierge and Travel Agencies

Need a planning of your stay in Agadir? Tripocco has thought of the best travel agencies and caretakers with their long years of experience and professionalism. You will find on Tripocco, the Top of the most reputable travel establishments. Material means, honest and humble guides, quality of the services and professionalism, the travel agencies on Tripocco are among the most renowned of Morocco. Each of them is built on a specific strategy for organizing trips to Agadir. From home, the conciergeries take into account all your needs and prepare them for a classy stay.

Elite Conciergerie, Conciergerie Marie, Conciergerie Partners and others, Tripocco provides you the list of establishments that stand out in the tourist market. Private guides dedicated to the sole mission of conducting tours in your company. With them, you explore the city in its entirety: museums, archaeological sites, desert landscape, green spaces, sacred places, Amazigh traditions and Moroccan culinary art.

At any time discover on Tripocco more good plans of exit in Morocco. Find an outlet inspiration in the evening, with friends, family, couple or solo. Through the booking and filtering tool that Tripocco offers you, you have the opportunity to do everything from your home or your hotel room.

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