African restaurant in Agadir

You are looking for African cuisine in Agadir, find on Tripocco the best African restaurants where you can taste the secret recipes of Africa. The addresses that Tripocco offers you are a set of restaurants that gives you the opportunity to savor the best of deep African gastronomy. As in Abidjan, Dakar, Paris or Liege, the city of Agadir has restaurants specializing in distant cuisine in the tropics. The dishes are a culinary art appreciated for its delicacies and the multitude of recipes it offers. From country to country, from region to region and from people to people, African cuisine varies according to cultural factors.

Attiêké, this traditional Ivorian dish made with cassava-like couscous and accompanied by fish, the Senegalese mafé, this peanut sauce accompanying rice dishes, the grilled alloco or the original plantain banana Ivory Coast and the foufou in the form of maize, cassava, yam consumed in West Africa! It is these standards of this cuisine that you will find in Agadir. Thièboudienne, chicken yassa, gari, sweet donuts or akaras, Tripocco has prepared for you the list of restaurants that make you think of an Africa full of flavors.

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