Asian Restaurants in Casablanca

                                                                            GOLDEN CHINA

Average price : 200 Dhs



In the heart of the city center of the economic capital, this establishment is a traditional Chinese address!

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                                        Casablanca restaurant

Average price : 550 Dhs



On the shores of the city of Casablanca is an establishment offering the best of Asian flavors with a rear view plan overlooking the Mediterranean. Come and enjoy this relaxing space while savoring delicacies at one address, the LILY'S Restaurant.

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You will find a dozen popular specialties according to your budget, your preferences as well as your location. Tripocco gives you the latitude to explore all the subcategories of its best restaurants to better guide you in your search and make easy bookings. Steamed bites, shrimp or sesame pasta, as well as sauces specially made from soy or oysters, everything can be possible in the luxurious restaurants of Racine or the classics of Downtown. Good soups and delicious ginger juice for dessert in the chic district of Palmier where Asian addresses have flourished.

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