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Average price : 200 Dhs


Gossip Beach

Spreaded on the cornice of Casablanca, with such a masterful view, the Gossip Beach is an international restaurant, a salad bar with a setting that makes you feel fresh. A place that offers refined dishes and fresh dishes at the edge of the sea. Whether to come with family or friends, anyway, you will not regret it especially with their very fast service, we let you discover it.

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Average price : 370 Dhs



After five years of research and development, Mounir Belmaachi, a cooking enthusiast and trained with the greatest international chefs (Ducasse, Veyrat, Robuchon, Christopher Hajji, etc.), offers us and his team a modern kitchen, d high quality and preserves the taste and aroma of the products. Able to prepare ingredients in a precise way for tender textures and products with authentic taste.

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The largest city in the Maghreb lives with a very dense cosmopolitan population. Expatriates and nationals, Casablanca is experiencing business development and rapid population growth. Shopping centers, upscale neighborhoods, luxury resorts, multinationals, local businesses, amusement parks, monuments and tourist sites ... the city of Casablanca invites to discovery and exceptional adventures. Looking for a restaurant where to taste the best international dishes? Tripocco offers you a selection of the best international restaurant for your outings with the flavors of gastronomy from all over the world. As in the Korean restaurants of Seoul or Shanghai, as in California or Montreal, in Paris as in Rome, the standards of international cuisine are at the rendezvous in Casablanca. With family, friends, business meetings and romantic outings, the addresses we offer on the Tripocco engine are marked according to visitor criteria and preferences.

Do you crave fastfood delights? You will find the big franchised establishments at the Mall Morocco mall, in the modern Art Deco neighborhoods, in Ma√Ęrif, other shopping centers or along the corniche. Prestigious cards from McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut or Quick! You have the opportunity to savor the authentic tastes of dishes as famous as sought after.

International cuisine in Morocco is not limited to fastfoods, we find in the capital of the Kingdom, ordinary restaurants, cafes, lounge bars making international gastronomy their main cards. They offer menus highlighting the most popular dishes in the world. In addition to these restaurants, you need to specify almost the same menu content in the restaurants in the major resorts in popular areas of the city.

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