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Average price : 400 Dhs


La Taverne du Dauphin

La Taverne du Dauphin is a Marine restaurant located near the station of Casa-Port, Taverne du Dauphin specializes in fish and Moroccan style seafood . The atmosphere is refined and the place is quiet. A Moroccan wine list is at your disposal. The staff are friendly and welcoming. Discover a tasty cuisine in a setting where sobriety is relaxing. Let yourself be tempted by grilled fish a la plancha, fries, or tajines with fish kefta. The Taverne du Dauphin is an experience that will satisfy fish lovers.

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Al Mounia

Al Mounia is a moroccan restaurant in the white city of Casablanca, Al-Mounia is a place charged with the culture of the country. The interior contains walls of ceramics and mosaics and furniture typically from the Maghreb. The cuisine offers the best of realism and the flavors are worthy of the best Moroccan opportunities. The outer court houses a very wooded nature that merges beautifully with the place. Enjoy a variety of tajines, couscous, pastillas and more. Al-Mounia is a rewarding experience that will mark your memories.

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Moroccan couscous, smoking tajine, if you are in Casablanca, the Moroccan gastronomy is at the door of Morocco. Tripocco invites you to discover a list of restaurants specializing in traditional Berber cuisine. Famous dishes, authentic delights, travel in the oriental flavors with Tripocco. From your descent to Mohamed V Airport to the city center or from your home (for residents) to addresses, our system accompanies you as a perfect guide.

Moroccan gastronomy in Casablanca

You will find in the white city, a panoply of restaurants offering typical Moroccan dishes without imperiously bearing the sign of an exclusively Moroccan restaurant. The vast majority of restaurants in Casablanca offer Moroccan recipes despite their specialization on a unique typology. In its Medina, you will be able to venture into some Riads-Restos which present you the main dishes of traditional oriental. Downtown, Gauthier, Ma√Ęrif or Racine, Moroccan cuisine is located in the heart of Casablanca. The wide variety of dining establishments in the city is spoiled for choice. Tripocco allows you to sort the best from a list of top Moroccan restaurants offered on the search engine.

Your Moroccan dishes of Casablanca

Harira, dates majhouls, couscous of barley with 7 vegetables or vegetarians, the delights of Moroccan gastronomy are created in a cozy atmosphere and oriental animations. Enjoy Berber cuisine in all its grandeur, a whole new set of proposals. Eat in an idyllic setting, in gardens conducive to unusual meetings, restaurants with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The pastilla of culinary heritage will cheer you up, beef simmered with olive oil awaits you with all the care of professional chefs with many years of experience. On Tripocco, you have at your fingertips all discount offers made by establishments. Make instant booking your way to access all these cards.

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