Dromedary & Camel Essaouira

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Lima Dromadaire

You want to stroll on the endless dunes and explore the beautiful region of Essaouira, camels combining comfort and safety. You can immortalize your moments and keep lots of memories. This establishment offers free rides for disabled and children who do not exceed 5 years !! During this famous ride, dromedary Lima clothed you with a shawl to be protected from the sunburns of the region.

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Escape to the desert by camel in Essaouira, another pleasure to enjoy the city at the gates of the Sahara. Essaouira beautiful landscapes that you must necessarily travel camel or camel. Like the caravaneers of the desert centuries ago, these mogul beasts have been used by humans and today they continue to do so much. Tripocco has identified the establishments offering the best services. Packages may vary from one facility to another, from one distance to another and seasons.

Excursion camel to Essaouira

To distinguish the two animals once and for all is when you approach them more closely. The camel of Arabia is what we prefer to call "dromedary": it can measure more than 2 m, weigh more than 1000 kg. The dromedary, with a hump, is at the base a beast used for the journeys in the desert. Your camel ride will take you to the natural slopes in the outskirts of the city. You will cross dunes, take a break near oasis and explore the sand dunes.

Excursion on camel Essaouira

Camels have a life expectancy of over 60 years, which is slower to race than camels. The hollow of their doubled bumps offer a benevolent comfort during the trip in the desert. Sweetness and height, the camel is synonymous with energy. Both bumps provide a strong ability to stand longer and travel distances. At rest stops, do not be surprised if the animal drinks about 100 liters of water in less time.

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