Camel Excursion in Marrakech

One of the memories you will keep for a long time of Marrakech is its attractive landscape. To better understand this splendor, Tripocco recommends a camel or camel tour around Marrakech. Go to the borders of the Atlas, browse the landscapes of green palm groves to arrive in douars where hospitality is the only rule of handing. You will discover the Moroccan culture in its quintessence through a gentle and attentive host who will serve you a delicious mint tea. With family or friends, dromedary or camel tours allow you to change your surroundings in complete relaxation. The serenity of the landscapes, the warm welcome of the Berber villages, the discovery of different reliefs and the docility of the animal supporting you are the challenge of your trip.

On Tripocco, you will find the best establishments for your hike. They will organize you in caravan or solo, a course leading you to the foot of the chain of the High Atlas. Organize better, save more and find the right service providers through the leader in online booking in Morocco. Tripocco gives you the opportunity to compare agencies that organize dromedary tours in Marrakech. As for the reservation, it's just a magic click that saves you the hassle of looking for an agency in the city's neighborhoods.

If you finally decide for a ride with these animals full of sensation and characters inherent in their way of life, consult these establishments and offers they offer before booking your tour. The course generally takes place in the vicinity of Marrakech for half a day or even an hour of course according to a personalization according to your needs. Do not hesitate to go to the offers of similar activities, in particular the circuits in quad and buggy being practiced under the same circumstances.

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