Marrakech beauty shop

No trip to Marrakech would be complete without taking in the aromas of the East. Perfumeries and beauty shops are dedicated to pure, chemical-free products, and there is a fine line of natural perfumes, oils and scented candles from local sources. Fashionistas and beauty queens in know-how store oils derived from the local argan and prickly pear seeds. There is also a plethora of products (especially fantastic creams) made from the country's ubiquitous roses. And of course, you will find a wonderful range of products used in Moroccan hammams, including beldi soap, a black soap and mild olive oil, and rhassoul, a special Moroccan clay mask. It is therefore time to push back your French perfumes and cosmetics and to consider Moroccan alternatives. Discover Marrakech through its aromas and you will not be sorry, since the perfume is carefully woven into this culture.

Beyond the souks, Marrakech is the paradise of shopping for beauty products. With designers opening exhibition halls around the city, the choice for fashion, accessories, beauty products.

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