Rabat Camel Ride

Animal work, animal walks, camel or dromedary, only the number of bumps differs but is the happiness of all visitors to the kingdom of Morocco, large and small: camels are many at the end of the beach and their masters offer walks alone or with family, but beware of the heart, it is not for nothing that it is called "ship of the desert"! Long before modern transportation techniques - boats, trains or aircraft - goods crossed the desert and Africa on camels or dromedaries, especially those from sub-Saharan Africa. Loaded with feathers, stones, salt etc.

Camels are also numerous in the several cities of southern Morocco, but they are even found in coastal cities to entertain a category of visitors in search of new sensations and scenery. Rabat also has some establishments that offer their clients activities such as camel and camel rides.

This Arab tradition reports that the camel or the camel (or the dromedary !!) have all the qualities of sobriety, endurance, speed and adaptation to desert life. What has earned them to be adopted by Bedouins, or nomads.

Tripocco has set up this page so that visitors and locals of Rabat can find a place to do this unusual activity, so do not hesitate to surf www.tripocco.com and find what suits you best .

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