Excursions and rides in Rabat

Rabat is one of the steps not to be missed on a route in northern Morocco, with the cities of Fez or Casablanca not far from the capital ... one can easily travel by car to Morocco, but Rabat is also connected by train to the big cities of the kingdom. It is also served by an international airport.

In addition, traveling by car to Rabat, or finding parking, is not always easy ... trams and buses effectively crisscross the city and are therefore of great help.

Two days in the capital seem a good compromise to see its main attractions, but we can linger more without getting bored. The old city of the capital, is located not far from the modern city or the seafront, the situation is ideal. So quality riads offer an extra dimension to the stay!

Otherwise, a few large modern stores are present in the station neighborhood; the charm of course, is very different!

There are many sites to see in Rabat, such as the ancient city of Sale Colonia and the most famous monument of Rabat, The Hassan Tower, as well as many popular historical sites within easy distance of Rabat.

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