Oriental evening Rabat

Moroccan culture is an inestimable wealth. The songs, the dances, the musical instruments, the themes are of an authentic diversity. Discovering this tradition in all its grandeur and all its specificities, here is an opportunity to enjoy in Rabat. If you are tempted to participate in mini-concerts of traditional Moroccan music, you are certainly in the right place. Tripocco has carefully sorted the cabarets of the capital where the evenings are adrenaline-filled ... The festival under the colors of oriental music, choreography sketched in the euphoria of Arab-Berber rhythms to enjoy! An artistic genre that is both special and authentic and has settled in places tinged with Moorish traditionalism as we will see in other cities.

Primarily concentrated, originally, in the Riads-Restaurants of the Medina, today in Rabat, places offering mini-folk shows have also made a place in the modern center. In the upscale neighborhoods of the city, you will not be surprised to discover an oriental atmosphere in a luxurious bar in Agdal. Like bars, cafes or some gourmet restaurants focus on these traditional entertainment to better enjoy the delicious food dinner. On Tripocco, we spotted some of the best cabarets in the capital where you can enjoy an exceptional evening. Offering Moroccan and international wine menus, the oriental cabarets found in the imperial city are real destinations for nightlife.

On Tripocco, you will discover the best proposals, explore the pictures and descriptions of each establishment on this page. You can also notify the system to provide addresses only that meet your search criteria that you filter. You finally have the possibility of reserving your table at the address that you prefer.

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