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Al Marsa restaurant italien

We tested, we loved it. A word ? : BELLISSIMO !! After the unmissable success of the Spanish restaurant Al Marsa, The Al Marsa complex take you to Italy with the new restaurant dedicated to Italian cuisine, located right next to the Spanish restaurant, and still in the fabulous setting of the Marina du Bouregreg. Italian cuisine, one of the great cuisines of the World, is known for its art to marry the tenderest meats and vegetables of each season. His pastas, famous in the world of amateurs, combine the unique flavors of the most sophisticated sauces and the best known around the world. The interior of the restaurant, furnished like the modern Italian palaces, radiates a charm and an atmosphere, suitable to seduce the most demanding gourmets. The cozy atmosphere and the impeccable service make this experience a unique moment. To discover without fail the House Tiramisu ... a real treat!

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The Italian restaurants in Rabat are scattered in all the chic areas of the city, Tripocco has taken the time to make a list of all the Italian restaurants in the city so you can find some. When we say Italian cuisine, we think directly of typical dishes of the region such as Pizza, which you can find on every corner in Rabat.

Italian cuisine is highly appreciated by the local population and also by tourists from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to taste some specialties of this cuisine in the heart of the kingdom's capital.

Spaghetti Bolognese, Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Penne, Risotto, Osso Buco, Tiramisu, Panarea Crèpes, Almond Semifreddo ...

Italy is rich in tradition, and its cuisine marvel the palets of all gourmets, that's why we have selected the addresses of Italian restaurants in the city of Rabat.

Take the opportunity of your Moroccan stay to savor the delights of any budget. Your comfort, the atmosphere, the highly professional staff and the cozy surroundings of addresses on Tripocco are an asset to make your experience exceptional. Do not hesitate to consult the menus and proceed to the booking stage with all the guarantees of a cancellation according to the conditions pre-established by the establishments.

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