Nautical activities in Tanger

Water skiing, jet surf, kayak, stand up paddle in Tangier? Welcome to the water sports page of the Strait of Gibraltar. Located 308 km from Rabat and only 15 km from the Spanish coast, the city of Tangier is the most visited resort in Morocco. For its geographical location and its many beaches, it remains the city par excellence of the summer season. All the activities to be carried out during the high and low tide periods are proposed by a group of professionals of aquatic installations intended for the play sports on the high seas. Unlike the cruises, the water sports are a set of games carried out under various ways. The teams of supervisors take care to ensure malfunctions and introduce beginners to "balance" (master-word).

Beaches, ponds or natural lakes around the city serve as a training and challenge place for kite surfers, paddle surfers and water ski lifts. Enjoy the installations of electric cables, motorized boards as well as magic wand paddles.

On Tripocco, we have selected the Top of schools and centers for learning water sports. The best packages are centralized by the system. Tripocco lets you search through reliable filters that work according to the user's search criteria.

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