African Restaurants Tangier

Yassa, attiêkê, foufou, thieboudienne! does that tell you? If you have an idea, then you are a fan of African cuisine and your place is in Tangier. The African gastronomic recipes in the Strait city are an integral part of Tangier gastronomy. All the famous African dishes to consume at your leisure, it is thanks to Tripocco.

We selected for you the addresses of African restaurants in the city of Tangier and made a page dedicated to the delights of the deep continent. Try the African flavors now through a refined Senegalese fat rice made in one of these restaurants. African cuisine is one of the most diverse for different cultures and ethnic groups.

On Tripocco, you have the facility to search for an African restaurant and book with a single click from an internet connection. The system aims to lighten the search for restaurants and places to go out, to compare them to each other, to discover the menus without moving and book easily. All sectors of the medina, the avenues and along the boulevards, the upscale neighborhoods of Malabata or Bella Vista, find on Tripocco the top restaurants specialized in the recipes of African donuts, gari, garba ivoirien, aloco fried plantain bananas. Take the time to drink the juice of bissap or ginger.

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