Best Spanish restaurants in Tangier

You did not know what it represented in Morocco, the city shocked by Moroccan-Spanish cultures. On the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier not only connects Morocco with Spain, not only Africa and Europe, it links their gastronomy, fashions, languages ​​and remains at the center of their stories.

Spanish cuisine is an integral part of the culinary arts in northern Morocco. You will find everywhere in Tangier, the Spanish restaurants serving the typical dishes consumed in the best corners of Malaga, Barcelona or Madrid.

In the vicinity of Malabata, in Bella Vista or in the old, we explored the city to draw up the list of addresses where delicious Spanish omelettes are served. You can enjoy patatas tortillas, Galician octopus, Catalan cream, croquettes and Valencian paella.

Tangier counts in Morocco, thousands of Spanish speakers and hundreds of restaurants on avenues Mohammed VI, Ben Abi Zaraa or Mohammed V besides the number of important addresses on the way to the beach Mercala and the Medina.

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