Dromedary & Camel in Agadir

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Sport Loisir Maroc

Sports Leisure Morocco is a passionate family of tourism and horse riding that has an experience of more than 30 years. With Sports Leisure Morocco, your satisfaction and your safety come first. Whether you have a beginner or intermediate level, you are welcome for an experience out of the ordinary with professionals passionate about their trades.

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Want to get away from the city for a hike in the desert of Agadir? Camels and camels are recommended by many establishments. Two animals unquestionably linked to the history, tradition and present of Moroccan communities. Camel or camel trekking is an ancient activity that once allowed the people of North Africa and Arabia to move about. For hundreds of kilometers, they roamed the desert and all its vicissitudes.

Today in Agadir as in Marrakech, camel and camel excursions are among the activities most sought after by visitors.

Organized in a team of tens or even thirty, you engage in a warm ride on the back of animal giving you softness. Dressed in your protective Amazigh outfit against heat, wind and sand, you will line up your animals in line. Your route will lead you to douars where you will be greeted by a host who will serve you Moroccan mint tea. Docility of animals, wonderful landscape, breathtaking views of large sandy areas, camel riding is one of the best you have practiced in Morocco.

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