Lebanese restaurant Agadir

A warm chawarma and garnished, difficult to do without. Oriental cuisine is on the program throughout your stay in Agadir. You want to taste good Lebanese dishes and other oriental recipes, here for you, the best Lebanese and Syrian restaurants to visit necessarily. You will make a tour by being true follower of the gastronomy of all these countries formerly of the Ottoman Empire. Inherited from a very old culinary tradition and a cultural mix strongly influenced by international trade, oriental cuisine is, for its flavors, one of the most widespread in the world. Agadir, through these addresses, will give you only one impression: that of being in a gastronomic restaurant of Beirut, Tripoli, Sidon or in Southern Phenicia in Tire.

Tripocco has selected a set of destinations for the top of typical Lebanese dishes, mezzes of hummus, salad seasoned or taboulé, his labné of grape leaves stuffed with meat, lemon and rice ... In the city with paradisiac beaches, the addresses to enjoy the best Lebanese, Turkish and Syrian caves are on Tripocco. In the city center as in the neighborhoods, our system explores avenues and streets, boulevards and sectors to find places willing to serve excellent kebbeh, kafta, sayadiyah, Lebanese cheese and maamoul with authentic taste.

Discover also on Tripocco, all other categories of restaurants throughout Agadir. We have established for each specialty, a list of Top Restaurants for a business lunch or dinner, with family or couples. For all budgets, you will find Tripocco destinations for oriental cuisine. Browse the descriptions of the establishments proposed above and book instantly.

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