Various activities in Casablanca

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Do you want to "Save the city of Casablanca" with your group? Escape Legende invites you to various adventures such as "Save Casablanca" a bomb and many other missions like the Kidnapped, the handcuffed prisoner of the Cell 31 ... Located on the boulevard Abdellatif Ben Kaddour in Casablanca, Escape Legend you receives to make you spend an enigmatic adventure in rooms with multiple rooms.

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                                        Parc Sindibad Casablanca

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Parc Sindibad

The famous Sindibad travels to different cultures of the past in search of riches. During his adventure, he is confronted with many dangers: shipwrecks, encounters, and storms. The famous Sindibad is doing it every time thanks to his courage, his cunning, and his wisdom, he ended more fortunate of his various adventures. An unparalleled universe that will amaze you and carry you into surprising emotions and adventures that will be unforgettable experiences for you.

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                                        Tamaris Bowling Casablanca

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Tamaris Bowling

The Tamaris Bowling is one of the best entertainment establishments of the economic capital, the entire team of the establishment await you for parties with friends and family. The decor is very chic and refined, a suitable atmosphere and excellent. Managed by the team of the aqua park Tamaris Casablanca, the biggest water park of Morocco Tamaris Bowling is not a bowling like the others. It stands out with ultra modern facilities with a wide range of activities and entertainment.

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Cultural activities in Marrakech

The White City is home to a variety of cultural activities throughout the year, including the International Book and Book Fair, a must-attend annual event, the Children's Book Fair and the Book of Opportunity. Spaces to build bridges of communication with Moroccan readers, critics and writers, constitutes a convincing example of the evolution of the cultural movement in Morocco, according to the testimonies of various observers who agree to note that this high mass of the book is constantly developing over the years. The libraries, youth centers, theaters, schools and universities of the economic capital have all experienced an important cultural dynamic through rich programs that appeal to a wide audience of all ages.

Shopping in Marrakech

Do you want good shopping in Morocco during your stay? Being in Casablanca gives you access to various places where you can go shopping. The city gives importance to terroir products and products of Moroccan craftsmanship. You must go through the upscale neighborhoods to realize that it is the economic capital of the kingdom. In the old Medina art and craftsmanship is on display.

Shopping in Maarif or in one of the biggest shopping center of the continent: Morocco Mall. The big clothing and jewelry stores are all in one place. This Mall has many stores open for purchases of luxury goods. All types of budget find their place. All plans are possible to allow you to make this day a business opportunity and discovery.

Activities with children

Traveling to Casablanca with family and children? Here are some things to do that you should not miss to plan an exceptional family vacation in Casablanca. This selection of family activities in Casablanca will make your stay unforgettable! Explore attractions with family and kids, places to visit and things to do. The best way to explore Casablanca with your family is just a click away. Do you know the best activities that can entertain and educate your children during your family vacation in the White City. These things to do in Casablanca are handpicked to suit your needs, your budget and various other criteria. If you're looking for activities and things to do with your family during your spring break or summer vacation, you're in the right place. Explore museums, parks and other activities in Casablanca and you will come back for more! There are different types of activities for children depending on their age.

Sports and extreme activities in Marrakech

Playing extreme sports sports in Casablanca can be very interesting. The white city offers several sports centers where the practice of extreme activities is more and more easily accessible. Eager to discover a sports club in the city of Casablanca, whatever the activity to discover, Tripocco offers a set of addresses leading you to the best addresses in this area. In this selection you will find the most popular sports activities. In this list we also offer fitness centers according to and fitness rooms for all budgets and all ages. You can enjoy several plans and great deals on Tripocco.

Concierge and Travel Agencies

The luxury concierge Casablancca is a company that offers personal assistance, that is to say a personal service, but rather upscale. The role of a luxury concierge is to anticipate the needs of a wealthy and affluent clientele, therefore, one must understand his desires and needs. A task that is still complicated, since the word "No" should no longer exist in the language of a private concierge.

The main activity of the Luxury Conciergerie is to provide tourist services, for example: excursions, day and night guides, hot-air balloon or helicopter flights, as well as providing services of well-being. to be and relax (Hammam and Luxury Spa). That's not all, they also offer customizable services tailored to the target. The specialty of luxury concierge Marrakech in question, is to offer exceptional VIP services, while resting on the know-how, and of course a relevant address book. Indeed, the requests are varied, and the clientele is demanding. The objective is to free you time by taking into account your requests, because your time is a precious matter.

Tripocco offers search tools that can help you book more easily. In a few clicks, you have the opportunity to locate one of the establishments, select it and make your reservation. You can at any time, change category, to discover all the activities to do, restaurants to eat, nightclubs to go out when you visit the ocher city.

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