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Hammam Ziani

The Hammam Ziani is a peace of haven combining oriental finesse authenticity of yesteryear and modern sophistication. The team is made up of professionals who listen to your needs. The places are clean and have just been renovated. Hairdressing and aesthetic services are also available. Enjoy Turkish baths, scrubs and massages to make you feel better in your skin. The atmosphere immerses you in the Moroccan culture and the history of the country, in all appeasement. Live an experience by which you will be renewed of well-being.

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Hammam Casablanca: where to enjoy a bath good Turkish bath?

One of the experiences not to be missed during your stay in Morocco is to spend the afternoon in a traditional hammam. After all, for the locals, it's a must a week.

During the Hammam Ritual, you will enjoy a series of pieces beginning with a warm room, then a very hot room, then ending up in a cold room. This allows your body to adapt to the heat and your skin to be easily cleaned and absorb the oils and get a hydration that enhances the entire hammam as a healthy experience.

Hammam Casablanca: Moroccan hammams in Casablanca

The Moroccan hammam is also a place of socialization among friends for women, spending a few hours chatting and engaging in ancestral beauty rituals. Each district of the Medinas of Morocco (the old cities) has a local hammam where men and women bathe separately; in separate spaces or during varied opening hours. Often centuries old, the Moroccan hammam retains its importance within the community.

Hammam Casablanca and luxury spa

Hammams and luxury spas are located in the imperial cities and coastal regions of Morocco. Tripocco offers you a list of the best Hammams in Casablanca. Some are located in luxury riads, while others are located in luxury hotels ...

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