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                                        Scenario Oriental Club

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Scenario Oriental Club

It's the perfect place to reconnect with its eastern roots. The atmosphere is mystical and thanks to local artists, it is also very rhythmic. It must also be said that the Orientals master the art of partying. In Scenario, every evening is unique. The party plunges you into another dimension. In an atmosphere of Arabian Nights, you will experience a most stimulating experience. An evening full of adventures looms!

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Did you say evening show every day? Welcome to Casablanca, in the heart of oriental dance. The best traditional dance and music shows take place in the ambient cabarets of the White City. The cabarets of Casablanca are new opportunities which give the chance to take part in the most captivating performances of the oriental musicians and dancers. On a symphony combining Berber musical instruments and amplifications, the cabarets open the party every night with only night fantasy on the background of drunkenness.

On Tripocco, we spotted the most chic cabarets and have a list leading you to the best shows in the oriental Casablanca. In some cafes or restaurants, you can attend this kind of mini-concert, however, the major difference is the relaxed and traditional setting cabarets compared to a luxurious lounge restaurant. Tripocco has sorted the essential addresses of the Medina to the popular districts. Nooks and crannies, our engine makes you explore not only their offers, but also the images and extracts of the menus before you decide to the reservation. Cabaret Awtar, Mazazik, Wanassa, Yasmin, Narjis, Diwan or Alcazar, the system we propose lists all the best night destinations. Make this selection your faithful night guide to discover the best addresses of the night life in the economic capital of Morocco.

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