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Irish Pub

The Irish Pub is located in gauthier district of Casablanca. Irish authenticity and a welcoming atmosphere are waiting for you. The inevitable chicken wings have built a strong reputation. The atmosphere is warm and the beer is Irish. It's the perfect place to gather for a drink with friends. The staff and the owner are friendly. The famous East West Hotel bar is designed for relaxation and pleasure. The setting of the place is imported from the British Isles in the purest tradition. Take part in the conviviality of the place. Make an exotic experience at the rhythm of the saxophone in a mid-century decor!

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The nightlife in Casablanca opens the way to the atmosphere and the discovery of excellent pint of beer accompanied by good food. Anglo-Irish pubs are fantastic places to quench your thirst for beer in the upscale neighborhoods of the Moroccan city of business. Refined dishes, wines and soft music mixed, the selection of Irish or British restaurant Tripocco is at the turn of the excitement.

In the city of Casablanca, nightlifes are both exciting and fascinating: flavors of recipes, music, beer cocktail. You find all of these components in Irish pubs inviting you to integrate a warm setting with original decorations. To spend the best nightlife in Casablanca, Tripocco has finely sorted the restaurants where the welcoming atmosphere makes you live exceptional evenings. On a set of criteria ranging from visitors' opinions to services and the quality of the recipes. It is also because of their value for money and the professionalism of the staff that we have drawn up a list of the Top pubs in the white city. The search engine that we propose to use explores all the districts of the economic capital of Morocco to show you the unmissable Anglo-Irish pubs. They are found at Gauthier, Racine, Art Deco, Maarif, Burgundy and even the Medina. The atmosphere is good kid and European cuisine to rendezvous for the feast between friends, couples or solo.

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