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                                        UMAYYA Restaurant

Average price : 550 Dhs



Located on the cornice, the hotel awakens our childhood memories with oriental cuisine in a dream setting overlooking the ocean. Umayya is an establishment that embodies the soul of the Orient, and it stands out in its cuisine that touches the amateurs of this culinary category in the deep, recipes rich of flavors and good tastes, which will make you travel through the time. These recipes of the Orient, which we all know, are grouped with the best of each country, Turkey, Lebanon, Persia ...

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Oriental cuisine in its entirety welcomes you to the doors of Casablanca. All the specificities of this cuisine give the opportunity to discover restaurants exclusively created for the delights and the aroma of the East. Lebanese cuisine, Syrian cuisine, Maghrebi recipes, Oriental restaurants are of a peculiarity that originates in the cultural diversity of different Arab-Berber peoples of the MENA region.

The Lebanese-Syrian restaurants of Casablanca

If you want to savor chawarma of Lebanese authenticity in Casablanca, visit the best Lebanese-Syrian restaurants proposed by Tripocco. A variety of addresses devoted to such an original and coveted culinary art from all over the world. Explore the images, browse the menus, find out the average price, check the additional services and easily make your reservation with the Tripocco system. Take advantage of the exceptional offers proposed by some restaurants according to periods and events. In the districts of Ma√Ęrif, towards Burgundy, on the cornice, in the Medina or in the Center-Ville, the good addresses and their descriptions are on Tripocco.

Find oriental cuisine in Casablanca

When you have decided to eat an excellent dish of Syrian lentils or Lebanese mezzes, search your Top restaurant from our search system, which also allows you to use its price range to filter and book only within the limits of your preferences in terms of budget. In Lebanese restaurants, you will find marinated chicken sandwiches, pancake, cream or date cake or even coconut milk. Rich cards and generally based on a price-quality ratio.

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