Restaurant Lounge Essaouira

Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira is one of the most visited cities in the kingdom. A true destination where lounge and bar restaurants have settled in the heart of the vibrant and diverse nightlife. All the atmospheres are discovered in Essaouira. The lounge restaurants cradle you in a refined setting where the experience is unique and unforgettable. From the medina to the new districts to the residential subdivisions, the same course is put on the good recipes to savor and the party to live. An experience that will keep you in the center of soul music, rock, hip-hop, jazz or the dynamism of electro.

The nocturnal trips to Essaouira are invented by the lounge bars where the disc jockeys keep you in suspense while sipping a cold beer. Soft lighting, cozy atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and measured animation, everything is implemented for your special nights in Essaouira. Every week, festival goers from Marrakech and Agadir, Safi and the rest of the world enjoy moments of wonder. On Tripocco, we spotted all the lounge bars and restaurants where you just book more easily. The tool proposed by Tripocco serves on the one hand to compare establishments and their offers, to search by filters and on the other hand to plan your trip to Morocco. For each search, you can readjust the price bar, select the neighborhood and discover the best bars and lounge restaurants.

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