Various activities in Marrakech

                                        ASSOUFID GOLF CLUB tripocco

Average price : 700 Dhs


Assoufid Golf Club

Assoufid Golf Club is a superb resort, and one of the best golf clubs in Morocco overlooking the Atlas Mountains. The club is located on the road of Guemassa, in the heart of the red city. Whether you are a pro golfer or an amateur, know that the place offers pool days in a unique environment where tranquility and serenity reigns at 260dhs. At this price, you will have access to the whole pool day, as well as a starter, dish and dessert.

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Average price : 300 Dhs


Ciel d Afrique

Ciel de Afrique is one of the oldest companies in terms of leisure activities. Present in Morocco since 1990, the company Ciel d'Afrique has become over the years a reference in terms of balloon flights in Marrakech. The establishment offers unique experiences and above all a wide range of equipment for excursions in the Moroccan sky. Take the height on the Berber villages and the desert of Morocco aboard flights Sky of Africa.

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                                        Escape room

Average price : 200 Dhs


Escape the Medina

Escape the Medina is located in the heart of the medina of the ocher city, adopted a new concept of challenge through testing your skills to succeed the mission. the latter consists in solving a puzzle set in limited time in 60 minutes in a well-equipped room. in order to offer you a unique and remarkable experience with your friends or family

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                                        Vol Marrakech

Average price : 2050 Dhs


Marrakech By Air

Marrakech By Air offers you a unique and authentic experience of hot air ballooning in front of the landscapes of the high Atlas mountains and also a panoramic view of the Berber villages, the wadies and not forgetting the big valleys; a flight not to be missed in the African sky.

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                                        Lazer game

Average price : 70 Dhs


Laser Games Marrakech

Laser Games Marrakesh located on the road to Amezmiz, it is a playground of 1000 m² for all age categories, the concept of laser games was born in the United States by George Carter, the latter would have had the idea by going to see StarsWars in 1977. Just a laser gun, the concept is to shoot the bright jackets of the opponents. the score of each target is recorded when it reaches a target. a unique experience not to be missed with your friends.

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The city of Marrakech, city showcase of Moroccan culture, is an opportunity to better get to know Morocco. Discover the Moroccan tradition in its atypical gastronomy, its impeccable architecture, its varied and rich craftsmanship, its cosmopolitan society, its glorious history and its beliefs. The ocher city allows to simply approach Morocco. This is the chance to do several cultural activities including excursions to Imlil, Ourika, Oukaimden, Essaouira, Benguerir etc. In the city center as well, you will follow neighborhoods to find yourself in the impressive corners of the red city. The medina or the old Medina welcomes you with its rich historical heritage: its authentic tajine or couscous delights, its markets with the articles of anonymous craftsmen (the so-called souks), its big Koutoubia Mosque, its old houses (Riads ) transformed into guesthouses and its legendary place Jemaa El Fna, classified intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Cultural activities in Marrakech

At the heart of Arab, Berber and European traditions, Marrakech will enliven you with its decorations, its museums, its Marrakchia tangia, its palm grove and the symbiosis between modernity and tradition. Tripocco has found you the best maps of cultural activities. We allow you to search, find and book what you want to practice. In the vicinity of the city, your visits can lead you to Berber populations and their ancestral traditions jealously preserved from generation to generation. Language, scriptures, architectural and pictorial representations, you will find yourself in the bath of civilization values as secular and older than men.

Activities kids in Marrakech

You were looking for something interesting for your little kids. Marrakesh is a welcoming oasis that creates for children paradise worlds in which they have the opportunity to develop their intelligence and be entertained amply without any risk. From safety to an attractive setting to innovations in these children's activities, it's simply a boon that your little ones will not want to miss. Many are naturally those who prefer to take their children to activities that would be of little interest to them: by way of example, the little ones would rather fall asleep on their video game console than suffer from disgust at attending a museum exhibition. . Imagine for a moment for your children and discover a plethora of good ideas to make them fully enjoy in the ocher city.

Children's play center

Like the Laser Game, you will find on Tripocco the best activities for children. All the good ones have been designed to meet the various concerns of parents concerned with leisure and aware of the place of those. As the growth of children is linked to the environment in which they grow up, their habits and relationships, exciting children's play centers have been created. Luxury hotels in the Hivernage, or in Gueliz, even in the Palmeraie, a special "Kids Club" service is run by professional instructors. Apart from these clubs attached to the hotel service, you will also find play clubs in the area of the city such as pony centers.

Enternainment parks in Marrakech

Children really enjoy the unreal world, you know it: they imagine themselves in reality with big animals or driving like daddy. All this, however, brings them enthusiasm, a smile, inner peace. You have in the red city the opportunity to give a ride to your little ones in an amusement park. Tripocco has thus found you the best parks so that you can make them enjoy without having to search for addresses, programs and conditions of access. Check this page and make an instant booking using our search engine.

Sports and extreme activities

Practicing sports in Marrakech can be very interesting. The ocher city has a set of sports centers where the practice of physical activities is more easily accessible. If you would like to attend a sports club in the city, whatever the type of sport to do, Tripocco offers a set of addresses leading you to the best gyms. In this selection you will find the most popular sports activities. Find a sports complex for football or basketball and still tennis or handball in the red city. In this list, we also offer fitness rooms and fitness centers to suit all budgets and ages.

In suburbs such as Daoudiate, Massira or even downtown Gueliz, as well as Agdal, sports addresses are indexed by an effective search engine Tripocco. City sport club, Atlas, City Bike and others, the best establishments in this sector are on our search engine, price comparison and booking. You can take advantage of several plans and exceptional offers.

Shopping in Marrakech

Looking for good shopping in Morocco during a stay? Being in Marrakech opens you access to all categories of takeaway items. The city devotes Moroccan handicraft products to a place of choice. They fill the souks and stain them with their beauty. You have to go through these markets to find out. In the old Medina where the sample of art and crafts is exposed, the opportunity for a cheap shopping opens up to you. Sculpture, painting, pottery, leather goods, henna tattoo, shoemaking, the Jemaa El Fna square is one of the must-haves of this hike. Ancient and contemporary art invite to contemplation before going on to the actual purchases.

In the shopping centers of Gueliz, however, major clothing and jewelery stores are another way of shopping in the ocher city. Many shops open for purchases of luxury goods are located in the heart of the city. All types of budget find their place. You can visit all major shoppings centers and stores of brands of shoes, watches, caps, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics. All plans are possible to allow you to make this day a business opportunity and discovery.

Concierge and Travel Agencies

You plan to prepare your holidays in Marrakech, find above a set of establishments exclusively willing to accompany you throughout your stay. Make this trip exceptional and successful through professional assistance. Concierge services and travel agencies that are both professional and faithful to a line of conduct based on personalized services are waiting for you. Each client can adapt to his budget, his personality and his expectations, his stay with these travel experts organized in the ocher city. On Tripocco, you have a list of best concierge services in Marrakech. They are known for their proven expertise on travel sites and their many years of experience. If you want to stay in Morocco, your best guides will certainly be these luxury conciergeries.

Gardens and green spaces in Marrakech

Have you thought of a hike in Marrakech? If so, we show you the green spaces through which you will smell the fresh air of the most visited city of Morocco. Browse the Jemaa El Fna Square, go shopping in the souks of the old Medina, visit museums or venture into camel tours, activities? You will not finish enumerating. However, one of the fundamental is the frequentation of gardens, kill time, talk business, spend unusual and romantic appointments or afford a moment of meditation. Everything is possible. In the ocher city, we have identified all green spaces to offer only the best among them. They are both public and private. Each of them is of a form of access making its specificity.

The private gardens of Marrakech, are often located within the confines of luxury hotels. Resort complexes such as the Sofitel, Four Seasons Resort and others are built in green spaces that are spacious enough to accommodate large groups during moments of celebration. In some restaurants as well, in the medina as in the popular districts, small gardens invite to move away behind the shade of the flowers. You savor steaming dishes around a Sunday table and in the impressive greenery that gives the rendezvous its reason to be.

Apart from restaurants and hotels, public gardens occupy a place of choice in the habits of millions of Moroccans. In the ocher city, public gardens play a vital role in the lives of men. Tripocco grouped on its search engine, all green spaces allowing you to live Marrakech as ever. From the Medina to the lush Palm Grove, all the best gardens have been put on our engine to facilitate booking.

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