Hammam Marrakech

Hammams Marrakech: The Best Hammams in Marrakech

An incredibly cool sensation of the skin: dew, cleansed and perfectly polished. In Morocco, this immaculate feeling is elevated to the happiness of the whole body in the hammam, a ritual bath and traditional cleansing. Although the exact experience may vary from one place to another, the steam room is usually divided into three stages: All in an extra-hot steam bath to open the pores; lather with black olive oil soap and scrub with the traditional glove to remove dead skin; and finally immerse in COLD water in the bath (or bucket!) for a toning finish. The result ? A silky skin and a feeling of freshness that can beat even the hottest days in North Africa.

Hammam Marrakech and Online Booking in Morocco

For most Moroccans, the hammam is more than a day at the spa; it is a social event that occurs regularly, rooted in the tradition of Islamic cleansing ablutions. In cities across Morocco, the local steam room is sometimes located next to a bakery so both sites can save energy by sharing the heat. In local hammams, modesty is not a necessity in these common spas, they are often designed in marble or chic stone. So do as locals and buy your black soap and glove on site and treat yourself to an authentic experience. And be sure to schedule more time later to enjoy the relaxation rooms, with a small verse to Moroccan mint tea that will complete your experience.

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