Best Shisha Bars in Marrakech

In Morocco, hookah bars have their followers and are growing in number. The shisha, or hookah, is a kind of big water pipe by which we smoke a mixture of tobacco, molasses and fruit pulp. It is attributed multiple origins - Persia, India, Middle East - but in the form we currently know it shisha comes from the Maghreb. In Morocco, shisha cafes are numerous and have multiplied since the early 2000s.

The fans sometimes smoke alone, reading their newspaper lazily or quietly observing the world waving around them. It is then a moment of relaxation and let go. Most often, however, it is in groups that they indulge in this pleasure, by passing the pipe by which one aspirates the perfumed smoke. The shisha goes from hand to hand. And we share volutes and discussions, in all simplicity, and in all usability. Yes, but here it is still tobacco that we smoke.

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