African Restaurants in Marrakesh

Are you looking for typical sub-Saharan dishes in Marrakech? We have found for you the essential addresses of African cuisine in the ocher city. The gastronomy of Black Africa (from Senegal to Madagascar, from Ivory Coast to the Comoros Islands including Benin, Burkina Fasso, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon to the Swahili and Zulu regions) is one of the most diverse in the world. To each community, a kitchen particularly maintained since ancestors. There are more than 2,000 ethnic groups on the continent, which obviously gives you an idea of the variety of recipes to discover. In the city of Marrakech, there are the most popular in the best African restaurants that Tripocco recommends.

African cuisine in Marrakech

In the red city, sub-Saharan dishes are most often sought after but difficult to find. In the chic district of Gueliz, one can discover Senegalese and Ivorian restaurants offering African recipes most sought after by a large clientele. In the Medina, accommodation establishments are able to invent at the request of authentic dishes from Africa. In addition to these places, there are African restaurants in outlying areas of the city, often populated by different sub-Saharan communities.

What African dishes do we find in Marrakech?

Do you know what chicken Yassa is? Certainly, you have heard about it. If you are looking for dishes like attiekè, rice with fat or thieboudienne, Tripocco has spotted you the best African restaurants in the ocher city. They offer varied menus: fish with African embers, mafe, mafé tigga or peanut sauce, African donuts, the famous foufou, the gari, the Ivorian garba, the aloco or fried plantain bananas, drinks like the juice of bissap or ginger.

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