Various activities in Rabat

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Royal Complexe des Sports Equestres Dar Es Salam

The Royal Golf Dar Es Salam is 15 minutes from the heart of Rabat. It is on an area of ​​over 440 hectares of vegetation, water and golf course. The establishment a unique place of its kind: courses of quality and the beauty of the landscapes .... Aesthetics and golf enthusiasts notice the magic of the place.

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                                        PLAYLAND RABAT tripocco

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It is one of the largest Paintball Park in the Kingdom. It is located in Rabat Discover unique experiences with equipment of high quality and very secure. The establishment has 3 fields, outdoors and in covered rooms. You can have the opportunity to practice night games. Play as a group or train your teams on site.

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Cultural activities

The city of Rabat is the kingdom capital, it has several cultural sites, such as monuments, cultural centers, purely cultural events ... And many other activities that could enrich your need and thirst for learning.

If Rabat is probably not overflowing with a nocturnal dynamism like its neighbor Casablanca, it still offers a wide range of cultural and sports activities. We have one of the most famous festivals of this city: The International Festival of auteur cinema which is held annually in Rabat. The organizers have scheduled a film competition putting in competition about twenty films from different countries which will be followed by the award ceremony. Tributes, sections devoted to short films ...

Children's activities in Rabat

Tripocco has selected for you this time activities for your children so you can entertain them during their holidays and their free time. It will be necessary that you arrange them the free time so that they can take advantage of the numerous activities of the capital. The city of Rabat has various extra-curricular activities complete and very original to awaken their minds, while helping them develop their abilities, do not miss.

Open to small children from the age of 4, the famous ice rink of the meeting place of the Rbati the Mega Mall has set up courses of artistic dance on the ice, skating and hockey, and all these activities are held on ice-cream in the large ice rink of the establishment, an ideal program to develop both the artistic and sporting potential of children in the city or elsewhere. Apprentices have several highly qualified coaches and especially well cared, they acquire notions of mutual help, self-improvement and team spirit. An original and fun way to combine sport and leisure.

Sports and extreme activities in Rabat

You are looking for a gym on the capital, either for an annual subscription or only for a few days you must spend in Rabat. You are looking for a gym, a sports club or any type of fitness center in Rabat, and especially in various places of the capital, so you can exercise when you want. Agdal, Hay Riad, Yacoub El Mansour, Souissi or other? Tripocco has compiled a list of the best gyms in Rabat.

Rabat is the capital of the Moroccan kingdom and one of the largest city of the latter. This city has more than one million inhabitants. A very modern and trendy city, it has various fascinating historical sites to discover, such as the sublime Kasbah of Oudayas, which was built during the 12th century, and also the famous Hassan Tower, which has an absolutely unique decor.

Shopping in Rabat

Although this city is smaller and less popular than the other Moroccan cities of Marrakech and Fez, Rabat does not offer a shopping experience less enchanting. As the capital of Morocco, this ancient city with a glorious history is full of amazing shops selling crafts, souvenirs, carpets, spices and more. Here is the list of the best markets for shopping in Rabat. The medina of Rabat is a great place of shopping. You can explore the hassle-free market of traders, which is a pretty nice change from Tangier and Fez. As most buyers are Medina residents, the prices are relatively lower than in the places. Although there are mostly local products on the market, strolling along the local crowd can be an exciting experience.

Concierge and Travel Agencies

While Rabat, Morocco, has not necessarily established itself as a major tourist destination, this pleasant metropolitan city is an excellent starting point for exploring Morocco's most modern sites. The capital of Morocco lacks the excitement of other Moroccan cities, making it an ideal place for families traveling with children. The medina of Rabat is rather calm but authentic.

Concierge agencies are personal assistance companies based in various places in the kingdom. Tripocco has put together a list of luxury concierges in the city of Rabat. They offer their customers several types of services.

Gardens and green spaces

Many travelers consider Rabat as a neglected jewel. It is the cleanest city in Morocco and many people love this city because it is full of cultural activities, and it is easy to get around - wide sidewalks, small friendly taxis and a new tramway to Rabat and cross the Bouregreg river until Salé. Rabat has a real European dimension, with cafés lining the streets, a fine selection of restaurants and a mix of languages heard on the streets.

The Kasbah of Oudayas (Oudayas or Oudaias), a well-preserved fortress dating from the 12th century Almohad dynasty with breathtaking views of Rabat, near Salé, the Bouregreg river and the Atlantic, is just at the top of the medina. Stroll through the Andalusian gardens, pass the walls painted blue and enjoy a tea in the shade at the Café Oudaïa. A long stretch of Rabat beach begins behind the medina and descends the hill of the kasbah. It is one of the best beaches in the city in Morocco and the surf club Oudaïa.

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