Asian restaurants Rabat

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Le Mandarin

The restaurant Mandarin is a real institution in the heart of the city of Rabat, the latter has opened its doors for over forty years. This establishment has a warm atmosphere and offers a simplistic decoration reminiscent of a typical Asian theme. The atmosphere is friendly and the chef offers Chinese recipes of exceptions. Discover this magical universe, which will give you the impression of being in the heart of Asia.

I discover

Asian cuisine has become very trendy in recent years in Morocco! Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese ... And still a large panoply of choice and culinary culture very diverse. If you are fond of Asian cuisine, you will certainly be delighted to discover this list of all Asian restaurants in the capital. Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine are all present in Rabat. You can find establishments that offer dishes from different Asian countries, to reach a broader target of customers.It should not be confused with Chinese cuisine, Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese, and that is why we have detailed each of the restaurants through their characteristics.

So you can enjoy the specialties of each, who can offer Japanese and Thai dishes on the same map, or Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.Since the current trend seems to lead some chefs to to give their cuisine some Asian colors, we have also selected in this category, establishments offering this kind of cuisine that is not exclusively Asian, but some dishes are largely inspired by it.

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