Dromedary & Camel Tangier

You will spend your best escapes in Tangier by riding a camel? The city bordering the Mediterranean is still a Moroccan city where large caravans of Arabia have stayed. The camel and the camel were the means of transport for a trade as secular as the existence of these animals. It can be difficult to find camels and dromedaries in Tangier because of the oceanic climate, moderate warm in summer and cold in winter. In the summer season, the possibility of short walks is presented.

We thought to identify the Best Of places where you will benefit from the best offers for camel rides in the Tangier area. You commit yourself to discover the beautiful sandy landscapes of the municipal beach La Playa or the tracks around the caves of Hercules.

Camel trekking in Tangier

It is less giant than the dromedary, but always more comfortable for journeys in the desert. The camel is slow in terms of running, however, its humps give the impression of occupying a real luxurious seat.

The animal is naturally docile and soft to the touch. The camel tours will remain an unprecedented experience; not only do you enjoy the perfect change of scenery offered by the Tangier atmosphere, but you also discover the mechanisms of life of a rare beast outside of North Africa and the Middle East.

Excursion on camel back in Tangier

Faster than the camel, the dromedary is a special and interesting experience. Tangier offers a temperate and mild Mediterranean climate to which the animal adapts during the summer. The Arabian camel as it is called is a single-humped animal. Unlike the camel, establishments provide a seat for passengers on the hump.

Tripocco offers in this list, places to escape camel. Dromedaries on the beaches of Achakkar, Ksar Seghir and Dalia will mark you as long as you evoke Tangier

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