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Tangier is a luxury city but a traditional stay is the preference of a large number of travelers. Do you want to live an authentic, fully Moroccan experience? The Riads promise you to live Morocco, its gastronomy, its art, its culture in all its fullness. Riads are guesthouses built with Arab-Muslim architectural art. The patio, with a freshness, is originally inspired by Persian oases and gardens. The spacious rooms open onto the patio and the center of the property is often made of a magnificent swimming pool.

Riad and Luxury Riad in Tangier

In Tangiers, you benefit from 35 euros. For all budgets, you are entitled to a Riad of your dreams. Along the bay in the old medina, their terraces serve as places to contemplate the charm of the coastal city.

During the winter, the high neutral and austere walls retain a warmth within itself. Those who prefer them are attached to both its decor and its locations in the ancient city of Tangier.

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