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La Bodega.

Its atypical facade of Bodega Tanger and its Arab-Andalusian style, like the city, make it a welcoming establishment. It reigns a festive atmosphere, a generous and spontaneous atmosphere, where you savor the moment. A friendly place where you feel "at home", surrounded by friends, thanks to the welcome and smile of the master of the place, without whom the Bodega would not be the Bodega.

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You want to spend an evening in a subdued atmosphere in Tangier, here is a selection of the best lounge restaurants. Gastronomic experiences mixed with diverse entertainment, bars and lounge restaurants are the places you need for an exceptional night. Fantastic is its medina and beautiful are its beaches, Tangier is also special for its nightlife. All week long, you only feel like you're in the middle of the weekend. Festive addresses do not close, lovers of nocturnal getaways always ready to enjoy different evenings to each other.

The lounge bars in the Medina and Boulevard Mohammed V, each address keeps its touch in terms of beer, decor and gastronomic recipes. As a couple, the candlelight holds you in the discretion of spending an unforgettable evening. Between friends or solo, Tangier remains the same but each restaurant and lounge bar is a special place. When you want to savor dishes of international and local cuisine while sketching your choreography on a jazz, you just have to find an address in this selection.

Welcome to the city of showcases of madness in Morocco, Tangier has succeeded to succeed the greatest musicians of the world. In their ease as in New York or Paname, the artists do not hesitate to turn there for evenings in mini-concerts.

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